Keep it Surreal


Here are some elements such as VSQ/UST/SVP, instrumentals, and other assets for your exploration and fun. Remember to credit properly, do NOT reupload the materials and note that none of these elements should be used for commercial/monetized purposes. For commercial usage, please reach the e-mail at the Contact page.

Name File Size Category Description Author 17.555 KB Unedited VSQ and MP3 instrumentals for ECHO. Crusher (formerly Crusher-P)
Crusher_-_Wicked_(Instrumental).mp3 5.51 MB MP3 Instrumental for Wicked. Crusher
Wicked(Midi-SVPs).zip 19.73 KB Lyrics, .svp, .midi (singing melody) for Wicked. Crusher 5.93 MB Instrumental and VSQx for Again. Music and lyrics by Crusher, VSQX by Frutella.